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I'm a writer based in Hampshire, interested mostly in poetry, but more recently I've been migrating into the realms of short stories.

I tend to be quite relaxed with my writing. I'm not one for inherent meaning or messages and much prefer things which are open-ended and floaty. I'm mostly focused on exploring people, places, emotions, perspectives, things and thoughts and will frequently try to weave these around either a central theme or several smaller ones.

I like writing which is more free-form (both poetry and prose) and often experiment with form in my own work. I find that space on the page is just as important as the words.

I have a fascination with how we, as individuals, react (mentally & emotionally) to things, even when we don't necessarily understand them fully. I find that this is a very particular kind of response or experience for a reader and it's one which my work is usually most occupied with.

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