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I've recently been dabbling in the realms of interactive fiction in the form of a Twine powered story. It's an exploration/adventure/walking-simulator with click & point-esque elements. Suffice to say it's a project I am really enjoying and hope to have a playable demo soon!


the humming tapes.jpg

This project is one that I've spent a great deal of time tweaking and editing.

It's a sequence of poems prompted to follow the same/similar route as my recently published sequence of reactionary poems for

Dark Matter's How Cold is the Sun?

This time though, the album of choice is 

The Humming Tapes, from the phenomenal mind and imagination of Pär Boström.


Kelpie by Memuii.jpg

This piece is very much a spiritual successor to A Colony of Lilies - after completing that story I still felt that I hadn't quite achieved what I'd wanted to. As a result, the premise for The Colour of Water  was born.

This short fictional piece is one occupied by themes of art, beauty, death, nature, loss and a whole number of others too. It seeks to explore them through a non-naturalistic story, perhaps even entering into the realms of magic realism, and is told through closely situated vignettes which follow the characters and their every decision from beginning to end.

The most experimental element of the project lies in the form and telling of the story, which attempts to blur the boundaries between poetry and fiction, replicating something of a hybrid form.

Upon finishing the piece, I decided I wanted to create an entire collection of short stories which would appear together with this one. But for now, they are still in the works.

Currently I am dabbling in the first of these additional stories, a piece titled Colossus.

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