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time creeps into the induction rings; they tick

and the tick has the echo of a hollow place made from soup tins and

tinnitus, n.: a constant awareness of a fourth dimension

evident as a subtle sub-dermal comet singing, just behind the inner ear. i.e.:

“you should never have the volume too loud at school, no matter how much

you don’t want to listen.”


I can hear them from across the water

but the steam from the dog bowl has become

unbearable, adj.: a personal experience

evident in the door of the fridge. i.e.:

“I’m so blind I can no longer see the butter in my eyes.”


a version of Ted, which is not Ted, tilts his head,

flinches when I drop the fork between my toes.

painful, adj.: a constant experience of a feeling

which ruminates in the lower back on a semi-recurring basis. i.e.:

“one should never sweep floors for too long,

or too thoroughly.”


Ted eats his breakfast and I drink my tomato soup.

it’s eight-thirty, the house is quiet for the first time in six weeks.

empty, adj.: an inherent, indirect feeling that feigns

a deceptively sweet taste which eventually is too sweet to be pleasant. i.e.:

“I’m starting to understand how it feels to be a lead based paint;

a slow lightheaded killer – blue spray mist on a brain.”


Netflix in the living room takes longer to load

than it does on my bedroom computer, which is always turned

on, prep.: a backwards sound that implies the opposite of its opposite. i.e.:

“a face in the mirror is not the same

 as the face which looks at itself.”


the tooth brush has recently become an effort too far

for the tooth paste to exert itself. not that either can reach my

wisdom teeth, n. pl.: a set of awkwardly placed soft sculpt diamonds,

set in the backmost ridge of the jaw line. generally uncomfortable. i.e.:

“how long does it take before you can see

bones protruding from the pictures of people you love?”

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